Frequently Asked Questions

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What's Realtime Screen Time?

Realtime Screen Time is an app that helps you control your app usage and develop healthier digital habits.

Why this app?

Helping others win back their time and create precious memories with their loved ones is a driving force for us every day. This app that had emerged from the depths of our struggles became a lifeline, a tool to reclaim the irreplaceable joys of life. You can read the full origin story of this app on our blog.

Can I share my subscription with my family members?

If you or a family member subscribes to a Family Plan subscription, everyone included in the family will become a premium user after restoring purchases. Keep in mind that it takes up to 1 hour for the purchase to become available to the other family members.

Can I use this app on mutiple devices?

Yes! All your data get synched using your iCloud account, just like the Notes app.

Is Screen Time Realtime private?

Absolutely. We have the utmost respect for your privacy. Your information is safe and secure. And it stays on your device.

Do I need to setup Shortcut Automations for each device?

Yes. You have to manually repeat the whole automation process on each device. The process is simple and fast enough that can be done in a minute per app.

Is it available on Mac?

Unfortunately no as currently macOS does not support Shortcut Automations.

How do you make money?

We offer Screen Time Realtime Plus for our Pro users. Subscribing to one of the premium plans will unlock additional premium features.

Are there any ads?

Nope. We hate ads, just like you do.

Can you automatically track my apps?

No, we cannot track what apps you open. You have to manually set up automations to track the screen time of your apps.

Can you track what websites I visit?

No, we cannot track what websites you vist.

Do you sell my data?

No, we do not sell your data as we do not track or collect your data.